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War of the Genders

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Friday, March 11, 2005

The Gentle Sex

There is yet another silly stereotype that women are gentle creatures and that if women were in charge, and in a matriarchical society, there would be less wars and suffering.

Now it's true that most women are much less prone to violence and crimes despite numerous reported cases of female abuse at homes and their slap-happy, knee-in-the-groin urges. But then again, I've seen plenty of vindictive angry women that mete out nasty revenge, I've seen passive-aggressive women that emotionally abuse their family for decades, I've heard and witnessed endless horror stories about nasty divorces with wives that nurture their grudges and inflict punishment on their ex-husbands for years, I've talked with Dominatrixes and it's pretty obvious that they are exponentially more cruel and merciless than their male counterparts. And then there are the infamous news stories like the one where a woman carefully planned an attack on a pregnant lady, ripped out the baby and claimed it as her own.

Turns out this kind of thing happened at least six times already.

'Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned' isn't a good tag-line for a movie about female revenge - it's reality. Women may not get physical often, but their revenge and abuse is even more devastating and devious than men's. Unfortunately, the law only defines male-oriented crimes as punishable and isn't subtle enough to handle the female needles and backstage manipulations.

The important question however is how can all this be compatible with the female gentleness we all know so well?

The answer, in my eyes, is simple: As I mentioned in a previous post, the same emotions and sensitivity that make the woman into what she is, can easily backfire and push her to the other extreme. A woman is a gentle creature until she is twisted by circumstance and turned into a monster. The same driving sensitivity that felt others' pain turns towards inner pain and humiliation to the point where basic morals and sanity are eclipsed. Violent women are not cold psychotics; their inner wounds keep the fires burning for years and their violence is always personal.

While it may be fair to say that men drive women to this often, the same can be said about women being trouble-makers and driving men to violence and no-one but Feminazis would honestly claim that men are always to blame.

So are women relatively much gentler creatures? Yes. Are they less prone to violence and crime? Yes. Are they always gentle? Definitely not. Are women more stable and reliable? Obviously not. When they commit violence, is it gentler in nature? Absolutely not - they are much more extreme when it comes to pain and usually go at it for much longer.

Conclusion: Female gentleness is a myth and the ideal of a matriarchical society is about as imbecilic and illogical as the argument that intelligent life-forms are inherently compassionate. I don't need to live in a feministic utopia to know that women are only moral and gentle when they're in the mood.



About the "sex" thing, I just think both male and female have been "designed" to behave in the way they should, by instinct should I say. So it's also unfair to say that one of the genders have the upper hand when it comes to intercourse. Man and woman each have her or his own responsibilities but they are complements to each other, not competitors. It's just irrational to compare how much pleasure a woman gets or is able to get with how much a man gets or he is able in sexual perspective... it's like apple with oranges...

I can't help but agree that women are much gentler than men in general but this doesn't come without a price... they are also more violent when at their worsts... That's why men are given more power over things through his strength and emotional stability... and with that power/strength comes responsibility... We, men, strong are we are, should take care of our weak counterparts but not take control of them... Who are we to do that? Even God didn't control the woman...

In the end, for me, it really doesn't matter much what gender should a leader have... (although in the absence of any other information, by default I would go for a man over a woman to become a leader but fortunately that never happens in reality) I've seen a lot of men far more unstable/freaky than some women, and I've seen a lot of women who are far more stable than some men... I'm not a feminist, I just hate all these sexists stereotyping... We ought not to compete with women... we ought to love them regardless, since we can't live without them, and vice versa... If a woman tries to compete with you, maybe she's just trying to make a man out of you... let's show her then what a man is really made of...

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