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War of the Genders

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Friday, November 12, 2004

The Economics of Marriage

Let's discuss basic economics and the concept of supply and demand.

Once upon a time, women needed men to get anywhere. Their reputation and often their income depended on men; the slightest word of mouth could ruin their prospects; some women could be ruined even by being raped. In an age where a reputation was taken seriously and a woman's only important goal was to get married, men could control the supply and were therefore in demand.

Discard these quaint conventions and social proprieties, and the primary demand that comes to the fore is sex.

Men who have no qualms about indulging their lusts demand what women supply. The irony is that not all women are quite in control of their lusts either, and it would only take a little restraint and control on the part of men to gain back some of this deserted power.

But no. Men drool; they chase; they want. Women use it to their advantage and they are welcome to it. After all, if men are dumb enough to simply hand over all the power and be a slave to their lusts, then they deserve to be on the other end of the stick this time.

Men deserve to be made into the fools they are and as long as you women use but don't abuse this power, I shall tip my hat to you and wish you bonne chance.

In ancient Rome, a man's masculinity was measured by how well he controlled his need for sex and whether he had just the right amount without letting it take over. Too much sex meant he was a weak slave of his desires and this would label him effeminate. So much for progress...

You know what junk food is? Food that looks good and satiates your hunger, but isn't good for you. Words to the wise.

But let's look at the other side of the coin. Soon comes the devastating truth for modern women who focus on careers, education and 'self-discovery'. Suddenly they find themselves 30-somethings, their power of having men fall at their feet that gave them such confidence to pursue other goals has almost disappeared and is dwindling to nothing with every year. Their 20 year old sexual super-powers lulled them into a sense of immortal possibilities.

And how many actually found a truly enjoyable career and fulfilling life outside of marriage?

It's a myth that men use younger women for sex and marry older women. They marry younger women who, in turn, often prefer older men. I'm not going to argue that men want younger women because they want better chances to have children (although some may also have that in mind). The prime motivation is obvious.

Not only that, but modern women tend to get more and more demanding as they grow older, turning themselves into high-priced luxury items that no one wants.

Does this upset you? Do you think it unfair? Men know what they want and are entitled to get it just like anyone else. You can't tell men to only go for women their own age for no better reason than to make it easier for older bachelorettes that missed their chance to get hitched with anyone they want.

I'm not saying women shouldn't pursue careers and that they should stay at home. Neither am I saying that they should rush into marriage even though they haven't found the appropriate mate, or that a woman's only goal should be marriage. I am saying that many women are basically tricked into taking their time and mismanaging their priorities.

Feminism is going to make you women miserable unless you take it with a huge grain of salt, oh yes it will.

Is this a cynical viewpoint to reduce romance to economics? I'll let you find out for yourselves.



You seem to imply that once a woman hits her mid thirties her attractiveness is gone. Well, aside the questionability of this statement, women as well as men typically in the latter half of their thirties make two quantum leaps in their ability to give and enjoy sex. It suddenly clicks. What comes together is maturity, experience and security. Regarding the latter, a big part is the ability to be self sustaining. If family and professional career would be exclusive, I had no regrets about my choice. But don't worry, the men we want are out there. As you said, it is not important to find 100 such men but one.

January 08, 2006 9:40 am  

I didn't imply that at all. I stated that women in their thirties start losing their super-powers of having dozens of men fall at their feet and their eligibility weakens every year for several reasons. There are fewer single men at that age, more men will prefer younger women for many reasons (not only for looks), and if the man wants a family the woman's expiry date is her 40s or even mid-30s. A woman no longer has her pick of men.

Just because an older woman gets experience and maturity that doesn't make up for these other factors.

Obviously, it's not impossible, but from what I hear and see, it gets very difficult, especially when she passes 35 and her man wants a family.

January 08, 2006 7:31 pm  

women go after older men as well...i had a longer post but it was deleted meh.

February 19, 2009 10:35 pm  

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