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War of the Genders

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Thursday, September 23, 2004


I, as you may have guessed, think homosexuality is wrong. This opinion is almost guaranteed to automatically label me a closed-minded bigot and turn many people away without a second thought. I always find it amazing how some issues and their knee-jerk responses have been so strongly imprinted in people that their brain automatically closes down whenever they're mentioned.

So what possible arguments can I make against homosexuality?

There's the obvious one about nature and how the anus wasn't designed for such activities, not to mention the lack of reproductive goals. But one can argue that heterosexuals do the same activities, and that reproduction isn't necessarily the goal of a relationship or of sexual expression. The argument still stands if one holds nature as a yardstick or metaphysical symbol for what's right and wrong, but who does? Also, Adam and Eve were separated after they were told to reproduce, proving that the male/female relationship has nothing to do with reproduction!

In order to adequately argue against it, I must make some assumptions and point out some truths that, as usual, are subtle but powerful. For example, I assume that the goal of a marriage is the ultimate relationship. That people want the most potent things in life instead of being happy with weak or fake replicas. I also assume that people are smart enough to notice that there are inherent core differences in men and women that go beyond the physical or even in their personalities.

Everything about men and women show their different essences: A man likes conquest, he is aggressive, he wants to dominate, explore new things and ideas, put his mark on all possible things. He is phallic and out in the open, he floods the female with millions of abstract potentialities, penetrates, gives. He is abstract and represents all possibilties but needs shape and form and some discipline.

A woman likes to build, she is a bundle of desires, a hole, hidden, private. She takes a single potentiality and builds it up slowly and methodically into something concrete. She is practical, her spirituality more down to earth from which she was created; she is more connected to materiality and therefore can control it better and elevate it. She needs, she uses, she builds and forms with the ability to nurture and feed, but needs something to work with and fill or guide her desires.

The dynamics of give and take here are exquisite. By taking in her special way, the woman provides an invaluable service and is actually giving. Each has unique powers that the other needs. The qualities of each gender are fine-tuned and separated beautifully.

Adam was created both male and female in one body and only separated afterwards. Together Adam and Eve create the perfect interlocking being on all fronts. The perfect physical compatibility is only a symbol of deeper interlocking parts. The steps needed for creating a baby is symbolic of their relationship and the consequence of this perfect unification is continuity and survival.

In Hebrew, 'man' & 'woman' is 'ish' & 'isha'. The two different letters in ish & isha together form the name of God but if you remove these two letters, both genders are only 'esh' - a consuming fire.

So along comes a man who desires only another man. Although the other man is different, he is not different enough. At the core they are the same. The man is in love with himself. He has no eyes for his perfect counterpart but prefers what he knows in himself instead. It is narcissism. It has no potential for growth because they are two of the same that can't create a compound.

This is also the reason why most homosexuals are so 'creative'. They are in love with their own whims and usually, their art is undisciplined, unbalanced.

Some homosexuals intuitively know this which is why they emphasize their feminine side or take on dominant/submissive roles in their relationships. They need contrast because they both have gaps which are not being fulfilled.

The argument that homosexuality exists in a person's DNA does not contradict anything I said, and, if true, only proves that it is harder to control or eradicate. If a person is born psychotic that does not mean we should accept him for what he is and give his disease free reign, but we try to find ways to get around the problem so that he can be a perfect social being and live life to its fullest.



Does homosexuality scare you?

October 24, 2004 11:37 pm  


October 25, 2004 12:05 am  

Im not sure if bisexuality is real.

Gay men have the same brain types as straight women. Lesbians has the same as straight men. Your mind/body arousal separation article didnt measure these two groups unfortunately. Gay men like women want masculine men. Lesbians want feminine women. Masculine gays and Feminine gays go for masculine gays. Just as women prefer normal guys to metrosexuals/fem gays.

Homosexuality is prob due to something that happens in the womb. EG. Malnurished women have children that are more likely to store fat than burn it and become obese.

Their are many estrogens in our environment that have shown to reduce the number of male births significantly.

I dont hate gay ppl. Never met one.

February 20, 2009 12:27 am  

This is the first time I hear of such a thing unless I didn't understand what you meant by 'brain types'. Gay men have completely identical brains to women?! Can you back that up?

Unless you mean they have the same sexual attraction and needs when it comes to relationships. In which case it has nothing to do with my article - I was talking about ALL core differences between men and women and how complementary they all are. To reduce a gay man's brain to his sexual needs isn't valid.

And even if you did, what about the 'masculine' type of gay man that you mention gay men look for? Obviously they have different 'brain types' otherwise they wouldn't be attracted to gay men with feminine brains.

February 22, 2009 3:57 am  

Regarding your womb comment, as I mentioned in the post, the fact that something develops inthe womb doesn't justify it. Diabetes develops in the womb as well for all you know.

I don't hate gay men either. I only hate them when they make poorly thought out arguments then stick them in my face as dogma and attack me for being closed minded.

February 22, 2009 4:01 am  

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