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War of the Genders

A confrontational soapbox for rants and politically incorrect manifestos regarding feminism, chauvinism, dating and gender issues.

Thursday, August 26, 2004

Make war, not love

So why am I doing this? Why confront, attack, belittle, pour acid and bile out of my mouth?

The truth is I'm a gentle man outside this blog. I don't lash out except when attacked, I have no bad temper, and I treat everyone as respectfully as I can. I hate fights, I love to cuddle, and I don't feel my manhood threatened by saying that.

But I need to vent for a while. I am sick of politically-correct tree-hugging hypocrites repressing the world with their superficial feel-good lies. While ordering everyone to love one another, you step on them and make them feel bad for every triviality. You disguise your pain and arrogance with love and justify your condescending attitude with repressive liberal ideals.

Political correctness is only one step away from fascism. By making everyone equal, you discriminate against everyone who isn't equal. It suppresses potential, censors intelligence, and abuses genders to act against their true nature.

I am also sick of the genders beating up on one another, following inoffensive, vapid women's magazines' advice, lost in this new world of women's lib, and passively complaining about bad dates and broken hearts.

I want to stir things up and show that you can be unafraid, politically incorrect, and still be considerate and rational. I want you to fight back and correct me if you think me wrong and I want you to rant and debate with me. I am not an angry man lost in rants and fury. Try me and see.

This is my mosh-pit. If I slam into you too hard, I will help you back on your feet. I want you to slam into me. This is therapy, not sadism. After I mosh, I go back to my gentle world, cuddle, take a walk with beautiful people in beautiful places, and relax.



And you think you can change the world? Instead of trying to fix all women, it's better to find only one that is special. Or close to special.

August 28, 2004 1:20 am  

Never said I wanted to. Mosh pits don't change the world.

August 28, 2004 4:28 am  

People want to be liked and accepted, and not everybody has your self-confidence. So that's where righteousness comes in - it's 'cool' to think morally right thoughts these days. And to be open-minded as well, actually. Although, granted, having a positive opinion about Islam will threaten your social life a bit. But there's nothing to worry about, you just have to mention death penalty and rainforests and voila - they like you again. Why have an opinion when you can borrow somebody else's? It's less risky that way. And everybody likes morally right, because everybody wants to be a hero. Fortunately, I won't get started on how they're only moral when it suits them. My point is that there aren't enough clever people in the world, people who refuse to conform to the normal social and ethical conventions. Mind you, clever does not equal non-conformist and vice versa, but that's irrelevant now. And if you have no idea how this comment is related to your post, don't worry, neither do I, now that I've finished it. ;)


August 30, 2004 12:22 am  

+++f I slam into you too hard, I will help you back on your feet.+++

Good to have this in writing.

October 06, 2004 7:56 pm  

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