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War of the Genders

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Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Feminists or Feminazis?

I may be giving the impression that I hate feminism. Far from it. I'm actually a feminist according to the dictionary definition but I resent being called that because of its connotations. But it's not so black and white. Let me explain:

Women have been, and are being abused, put down, looked down on, and mistreated in various ways. Anyone who can't see that is dumb and if more men see that nowadays, it's thanks to feminists. In addition, most men have deteriorated to being pathetic beasts, and it's no wonder women have had to step out and take charge.

So far, this justifies the cause and the drive of feminism. Where I have issues is the methods used, some of the fights being fought, and the fact that most of the feminism movement consist of masses of angry, irrational women. That their anger is justified is no excuse for this immature behaviour.

No one can say that they agree or disagree with feminism - it's just too varied in its forms. Feminist leaders have many differing opinions and several of them I actually agree with. The problem, again, is with the militant masses who are so angry they don't even listen to their leaders.

What's with the chips on your shoulders that make you look for a fight for the flimsiest excuse like some drunken idiot at a bar? Why do you sound like your foot is just itching to find some chauvinist pig balls to kick in?

And what's with your committing the exact same crimes men have committed after you get your voice and power? Lets try a few examples of double standards:

1. Divorce proceedings where it's no longer about what's fair, but about how much you can squeeze out of your ex-husband in order to satisfy your lust for revenge using the power given to you by the law. Enough said.

2. This woman I knew cheated on her husband, verbally abused her husband, then when he pushed her around in a rage, she called the police and got him put in jail for the night, no questions asked. So now that the police take wife beatings seriously, you abuse the power? Shame on you!

3. Now reverse the above example. A man verbally abuses a girl at a bar and she kicks him in the balls. What happens? She gets applause.

4. I'll never forget when I was watching a couple of movies with this girl. In the first movie, a man crept up on a girl taking a shower and did a little peeping. "Poor thing - what a pig" was the reaction. A week later we watch Robin Hood where the bitchy Marian forced her way to where Robin was bathing and stared at him naked without his consent. The reaction? Laughter.

5. Ever tried watching how women behave with a male stripper?

6. How many girls do you know use their sexual power over men to get what they want? How is this different than men who use physical force? The men have a choice to resist you say? OK lets say they do for now, but the girl is still trying to use her power over men for selfish needs.

7. You complain about equal opportunities for jobs but is there any complaint when stores, offices and restaurants all advertise for female clerks, secretaries and waitresses only? I may be wrong and it's not so blatant in your country, but it is in mine.

8. Cheating. When men do it it's a lie. When women do it, it's because they're neglected. You know what? When most men talk to me about their exploits at least they don't justify it to me by blaming it on their wives.

9. Sexist jokes. Female bashing is politically incorrect but male bashing jokes are enjoyed by all.

Lets talk about some silly issues you fight for: There are the silly trivialities like which words to use to refer to women. There is the banning of chauvinistic books - I'm a Jew and I don't even think to ask to burn Mein Kampf. And what about this thing about not letting men buy you dinner or open the door for you? Lets think about that for a minute:

Gentlemen want to be gentlemen to the ladies. They practice their manners and show their respect using these many little items of etiquette. They actually learn to treat women nicely by going through these psychologically significant motions. They have a need to give. They even feel closer to the woman by giving things. Have you ever considered that by taking from them, you are actually giving?

But no, you don't want to feel obligated or inferior so with one fell swoop, you blow this all away and take away the one thing stopping men from acting like complete jerks to you. Now it's too late and men even make women pay for the date.

I know a man who stopped giving his seat to women on the bus when he saw the rise of feminists. It makes me sad.

And another thing: You feminists lost the war as soon as you demanded equal opportunities like men. As soon as you make the lifestyles and values of the other side important, you lost your own. Yes, I know that this wasn't the point but I'm talking about the majority of women who instead of finding their own meaning and true feminine callings, they try on masculine ones. Instead of fighting for opportunities, fight for respect! Somehow you lost your original focus and it became all about getting more career options instead of discovering womanhood.

And so I say to you masses of angry feminazis: Shut the hell up and stop embarrassing yourselves. You make me ashamed to defend you. You hypocrites. You immature balls of hate.

Where has feminism gotten you? Most modern women are either as slutty as men, or depressed at their jobs, and unhappy with their marriages and weak husbands. I knew a woman who was a queen of society and supposedly very successful and happy for decades. Then she got married and said 'now I feel like a real woman'. No, I'm not making this up and I don't care if it angers you.

Has feminism gotten some good results? Yes of course. But it's time to grow up and approach this differently. Feminism should have come of age by now but instead it's populated with too many fledglings that like to play and slash with their new toys.

If feminism boils down to 'lets give women the same power as men so that they can be just as bad as men' then I'll pass. At least when you were being beaten up you weren't hypocrites.



For a change, I feel strongly about one of your posts because I agree with it :) So here are are a few backing up points, from the feminine side.

1. I feel that squeezing money from men in general is harmful to the feminist cause. Being able to earn our own money is the one of the most important rights we've achieved. Why tarnish it? Do we really need to take a way a man's money in order to prove our strength? The best revenge, by the way, is by moving on with your life and living happily. Try that instead of taking his money, and see how he blows up.

2+3. Violence has become a general resort for both genders and I find it disgusting.

5. This is part of women trying to become men. Equal, however, does not mean same. Sometimes it's like the true essence of feminine sexuality is forgotten, this time not by opressing men, but by women. Sad.

6. Perhaps I'm old fashioned, but using sexuality for anything other than expressing love and emotions strikes me as plain cheap.

7. Painful problem indeed. The division of certain jobs to genders hurts everybody. Just like women are hurt by not being able to become executive, men are hurt by not being able to apply to certain (and very much needed) temp jobs or sales jobs. It's improving a bit in the secretary services, I think, but still not enough.

8. Cheating is bad period. I generally despise anyone from any gender who is involved in deceit, especially marital deceit. Lying to your husband and sleeping around is NOT a form of female liberation!

9. I don't call them sexist jokes. I call them bad taste jokes. I would have laughed from some, perhaps (about both genders) if those jokes didn't show how pathetic both genders have become.

October 03, 2004 12:23 am  

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