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War of the Genders

A confrontational soapbox for rants and politically incorrect manifestos regarding feminism, chauvinism, dating and gender issues.

Saturday, August 28, 2004


I was hanging out on a beach next to a massage booth that someone had set up. I heard the masseur making jokes with his friend about the awful job he has fondling naked women. Then this sexy young lady enters, motioning that she wants the treatment. As she was getting comfortable, he winked at his friend and gave solemn gratitude to God for his poor lot in life.

As he approached the near-naked girl, he put on his professional poker face and proceeded to slide his hands over her naked body, stretching her limbs and body in various compromising positions in order to make the poor lady feel better. Looking at her facial expressions, I can only assume she was thinking professional thoughts as well, as the professional hands did professional wonders to her body.

After he was done with her, she walked back to her husband who put his arm around her and kissed her intimately.

Now re-read the story, but replace the masseur with an acquaintance or ex-boyfriend. Sometimes I just don't understand humans.

Thursday, August 26, 2004

Make war, not love

So why am I doing this? Why confront, attack, belittle, pour acid and bile out of my mouth?

The truth is I'm a gentle man outside this blog. I don't lash out except when attacked, I have no bad temper, and I treat everyone as respectfully as I can. I hate fights, I love to cuddle, and I don't feel my manhood threatened by saying that.

But I need to vent for a while. I am sick of politically-correct tree-hugging hypocrites repressing the world with their superficial feel-good lies. While ordering everyone to love one another, you step on them and make them feel bad for every triviality. You disguise your pain and arrogance with love and justify your condescending attitude with repressive liberal ideals.

Political correctness is only one step away from fascism. By making everyone equal, you discriminate against everyone who isn't equal. It suppresses potential, censors intelligence, and abuses genders to act against their true nature.

I am also sick of the genders beating up on one another, following inoffensive, vapid women's magazines' advice, lost in this new world of women's lib, and passively complaining about bad dates and broken hearts.

I want to stir things up and show that you can be unafraid, politically incorrect, and still be considerate and rational. I want you to fight back and correct me if you think me wrong and I want you to rant and debate with me. I am not an angry man lost in rants and fury. Try me and see.

This is my mosh-pit. If I slam into you too hard, I will help you back on your feet. I want you to slam into me. This is therapy, not sadism. After I mosh, I go back to my gentle world, cuddle, take a walk with beautiful people in beautiful places, and relax.

Man or Penis?

OK guys, I have postponed bashing you for a while but I can't stand the embarrassment anymore. The problem is, I know you so well, I don't know where to start. Let's try with a single word:


This impoverished word has been living in the streets for a long time now, begging for food from old men. When was the last time you heard a man of 25 described as dignified? Noble? What about gentleman?

But how can I expect creatures who find farts funny to actually have an iota of ambition in this area? After all, why be dignified when the girls are giving it out easily these days, and for free.

Nowadays, girls are so cheap and pornography so prevalent, I don't see you drooling over girls much anymore. Now you drool over lesbians kissing each other.

Please explain this one to me. I'm male (and yes, heterosexual) and I have never understood this pathetic behaviour. Do you imagine your fantasy of two females in your bed come true despite their distaste for men? It can't be that lesbians are taboo. Is it just witnessing the rare sexual intimacy of two females instead of one? That's the best explanation I can come up with and it's not enough to make you put on those idiotic faces that make me want to move to the moon.

And now you actually beg for sex. Either that or you use force. Listening to you try to convince your girl to put out makes me sick. Ever heard of charm? Personality? Seduction that doesn't consist of lies and sleazy tricks?

And then, after you got attracted to the slut (who only had to breath on you), and you want to keep her around for more sex, you actually want her to stop dressing like a slut. You hypocrite.

Imagine this: A pretty girl wants to have sex with you but she's cheap, or she isn't your type, or you're currently taken. So you say no because you want to be dignified just for the sake of having dignity. Wow, far out eh? Of course you can't do that, that would make you gay! And anyways, it's sex we're talking about for crying out loud!

You're pathetic.

You want to lead? You want to justify your existence as a man? How about getting a real pair of balls, acquiring a personality that doesn't repulse half the population, and having something to talk about and inspire people?

Having balls does not mean winning a bar fight. Neither does it mean hitting on a girl that doesn't want you to, thinking that you're God's gift to all women, 'controlling' your wife, or muscling people around in business. Having balls means using personality, wisdom and willpower to make choices that are good for you and not only your penis, and leading yourself, and hopefully other people and your family to happiness.

Having balls also includes saying no to sex when it's inappropriate.

A man is supposed to be a leader. Prove it without your biceps. And if you want to be arrogant, at least earn it.

Am I being holier than thou? I suppose I am. The truth is however that I don't feel holy at all. I feel sad about all the waste, and I feel embarrassed when I try to defend my gender and find that I can't.

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Feminists or Feminazis?

I may be giving the impression that I hate feminism. Far from it. I'm actually a feminist according to the dictionary definition but I resent being called that because of its connotations. But it's not so black and white. Let me explain:

Women have been, and are being abused, put down, looked down on, and mistreated in various ways. Anyone who can't see that is dumb and if more men see that nowadays, it's thanks to feminists. In addition, most men have deteriorated to being pathetic beasts, and it's no wonder women have had to step out and take charge.

So far, this justifies the cause and the drive of feminism. Where I have issues is the methods used, some of the fights being fought, and the fact that most of the feminism movement consist of masses of angry, irrational women. That their anger is justified is no excuse for this immature behaviour.

No one can say that they agree or disagree with feminism - it's just too varied in its forms. Feminist leaders have many differing opinions and several of them I actually agree with. The problem, again, is with the militant masses who are so angry they don't even listen to their leaders.

What's with the chips on your shoulders that make you look for a fight for the flimsiest excuse like some drunken idiot at a bar? Why do you sound like your foot is just itching to find some chauvinist pig balls to kick in?

And what's with your committing the exact same crimes men have committed after you get your voice and power? Lets try a few examples of double standards:

1. Divorce proceedings where it's no longer about what's fair, but about how much you can squeeze out of your ex-husband in order to satisfy your lust for revenge using the power given to you by the law. Enough said.

2. This woman I knew cheated on her husband, verbally abused her husband, then when he pushed her around in a rage, she called the police and got him put in jail for the night, no questions asked. So now that the police take wife beatings seriously, you abuse the power? Shame on you!

3. Now reverse the above example. A man verbally abuses a girl at a bar and she kicks him in the balls. What happens? She gets applause.

4. I'll never forget when I was watching a couple of movies with this girl. In the first movie, a man crept up on a girl taking a shower and did a little peeping. "Poor thing - what a pig" was the reaction. A week later we watch Robin Hood where the bitchy Marian forced her way to where Robin was bathing and stared at him naked without his consent. The reaction? Laughter.

5. Ever tried watching how women behave with a male stripper?

6. How many girls do you know use their sexual power over men to get what they want? How is this different than men who use physical force? The men have a choice to resist you say? OK lets say they do for now, but the girl is still trying to use her power over men for selfish needs.

7. You complain about equal opportunities for jobs but is there any complaint when stores, offices and restaurants all advertise for female clerks, secretaries and waitresses only? I may be wrong and it's not so blatant in your country, but it is in mine.

8. Cheating. When men do it it's a lie. When women do it, it's because they're neglected. You know what? When most men talk to me about their exploits at least they don't justify it to me by blaming it on their wives.

9. Sexist jokes. Female bashing is politically incorrect but male bashing jokes are enjoyed by all.

Lets talk about some silly issues you fight for: There are the silly trivialities like which words to use to refer to women. There is the banning of chauvinistic books - I'm a Jew and I don't even think to ask to burn Mein Kampf. And what about this thing about not letting men buy you dinner or open the door for you? Lets think about that for a minute:

Gentlemen want to be gentlemen to the ladies. They practice their manners and show their respect using these many little items of etiquette. They actually learn to treat women nicely by going through these psychologically significant motions. They have a need to give. They even feel closer to the woman by giving things. Have you ever considered that by taking from them, you are actually giving?

But no, you don't want to feel obligated or inferior so with one fell swoop, you blow this all away and take away the one thing stopping men from acting like complete jerks to you. Now it's too late and men even make women pay for the date.

I know a man who stopped giving his seat to women on the bus when he saw the rise of feminists. It makes me sad.

And another thing: You feminists lost the war as soon as you demanded equal opportunities like men. As soon as you make the lifestyles and values of the other side important, you lost your own. Yes, I know that this wasn't the point but I'm talking about the majority of women who instead of finding their own meaning and true feminine callings, they try on masculine ones. Instead of fighting for opportunities, fight for respect! Somehow you lost your original focus and it became all about getting more career options instead of discovering womanhood.

And so I say to you masses of angry feminazis: Shut the hell up and stop embarrassing yourselves. You make me ashamed to defend you. You hypocrites. You immature balls of hate.

Where has feminism gotten you? Most modern women are either as slutty as men, or depressed at their jobs, and unhappy with their marriages and weak husbands. I knew a woman who was a queen of society and supposedly very successful and happy for decades. Then she got married and said 'now I feel like a real woman'. No, I'm not making this up and I don't care if it angers you.

Has feminism gotten some good results? Yes of course. But it's time to grow up and approach this differently. Feminism should have come of age by now but instead it's populated with too many fledglings that like to play and slash with their new toys.

If feminism boils down to 'lets give women the same power as men so that they can be just as bad as men' then I'll pass. At least when you were being beaten up you weren't hypocrites.

Monday, August 23, 2004

The Lion's Cage

John was an angry man who got sick of people telling him where he can or can't go. So one day he goes to the zoo, walks into the lion's cage, and takes a walk, even shaking his meaty behind in the lion's face.

After the lion took a bite out of him, the police came and put him away where he could do no more harm. He was angry that the lions didn't control themselves and that he was blamed for their bad behaviour. The law enforcers were laughing as they locked him in his cell.

Maybe you can guess what I'm getting at with this stupid simile. No, not that girls are asking for it when they get raped, but that sometimes they should know better. Yes, men are supposed to control themselves and none of them are actually beasts...right?

Wait, so you mean to say you knew some men behave like animals and yet you went to a male crowd in a provocative dress and even danced in front of them?

I hope you get put in jail for your stupidity.

Wolves in Sheep's Clothing

Here's a word to the new age feminist male that is posing to please the females: You hypocrite. You weak, pathetic, politically correct fool. Are you so desperate for sex that you lost all your dignity to crawl around like a repressed sheep?

The only thing worse than you is the man who 'worships' women. And ladies, don't you know female worshippers are the biggest chauvinist pigs? Why do you always let yourselves be fooled?

Female worshippers ooze charm and claim ultimate love. Girls go to Italy and remark how nice they are to them. Then they marry a female worshipper and get beaten up. I've seen it happen too many times.

You can't respect someone that you put on a pedestal. And you will only be disappointed and angry when they turn out to be much less than goddesses. Even God comes down to our level to enable a proper relationship.

So to all you male posers: stop it. Before, you were chauvinist pigs, but at least you weren't hypocrites.

You're Ugly

Lets talk about beautiful girls. Men fall at their feet with nary an effort on their part. Due to this lack of effort, they have no problem discarding one and going on to the next. They have no sense of true commitment and dont bother developing a personality.

One day I talked to an extreme case. A stunning beauty that was so conceited she actually told me things like 'You're lucky a girl like me talks to you at all" and "Maybe I'll let you massage my feet" (I kid you not).

I know that beautiful girls have their own problems. The only people confident enough to approach them are usually jerks. They get harrassed, used, abused, superficiality. This is not an excuse.

Am I generalizing and are there many exceptions? Of course, but I don't care. This is a rant and you are not one of the exceptions. And no, I'm not saying this because my ego was hurt. I just find it ironic.

So here's a word to you beautiful girls: Beauty is wasted on you. You suck.

A Challenge for the Ladies

This is going to sound stupid at first.

Here's a challenge for you: Teach men how to be men. You keep complaining about men being horrible, ignoble, cowardly, beastly and weak, and you want some meaningful power in your relationship? So do something about it!

You tried to no avail? I sympathize. But perhaps you aren't doing it right? Or maybe you are wasting your time with the wrong men? Or maybe you need a kick in the butt to reconsider how you are going about it. Pardon for the ungentlemanly kick but you wanted to be equal.

How can this be done? Sorry, my hands would fall off while typing that one out. Suffice it to say it does not involve bitching and nagging and it needs as criteria: love, marriage and commitment. Stop changing their wardrobe and furniture and try some inspiration. If you have men wrapped around your finger, what do you do with this power? Stand by your morals and values, be inspiring, and the good men will follow.

Wait a minute... you do have absolute values that would inspire a man, right? I mean, did you think your man would come pre-packaged with all his morals intact and that you only have to sit there and be cuddled? What does that make you, you useless creature?

I'm not saying only women have to inspire and work on their relationship; far from it. Very far from it. But for now I'm focusing on challenging your whining, passive atittudes. Like I said earlier, men are partly to blame for being such empty ignoble jerks and failing as leaders. If you have given up on men and finally find some meaning in your career and hobbies, then I sympathize and I wish you good luck. But it's a sad state of affairs.

Your existence doesn't depend on men? Oh, please! First of all, I never said it does. Second of all, if men are so insignificant, why do you talk about them all the time?

I know that most people don't change and that it's dangerous to go into a relationship planning to change someone. But I'm not talking about changing, I'm talking about bringing out the best in them. That's up to you.

Are you powerful enough to do it?

The Goldilocks Syndrome

Lets talk about performance in bed. You know what ladies? You got men so upset, you either have them whimpering in a corner, enraged, or you made them into gentle puppies. Are you happy now?

Too insensitive; too gentle; too pushy; too unconfident; too slow; too fast; too cold; too hot. Yes, we idiotic men never get it just right, I agree.

The other day I was talking to this lady who wished for a bastard. 'You really want a bastard?', I ask. After some digging it turns out she wants a 'loving bastard'. You know what? I understand her and know exactly what she means - it's a nice fantasy. But pardon me while I laugh out loud.

The ironic thing is that if you ladies only knew how critically men judge your bodies, you would never sleep with one again. And this is where men taste their soups and sit in unsatisfyingly different chairs as well: The man's 'loving bastard' is the fantastical 'demure porn star'.

What do you say we relax, have fun, and make fun of Goldilocks for a change?

Submit to Me!

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